what do millennials drink the most?


Ever found yourself pondering what millennials—yes, those tech-savvy, avocado toast-loving folks—are sipping on these days? You’re not alone! The drinks millennials favor are actually shaping industry trends. So, whether you’re a millennial trying to find your tribe or someone just intrigued by modern lifestyle choices, stick around. We’re about to spill the tea—or should I say, pour the craft beer?


Millennials and Their Impact on the Beverage Industry

Millennials are a big deal, I mean, they’re literally changing how we drink, one sip at a time. Why does that matter? Well, in an industry worth billions, the drinking choices of one generation can shift the landscape.


Market Impact: Millennials aren’t just guzzling down anything; they’re making specific choices that shake up the market. They’re a huge reason why some forgotten drinks are making comebacks and why some mainstream options are getting kicked to the curb.


Trendsetting: Whether you like it or not, when millennials adopt a drink, it becomes cool. It’s like the Midas touch but for beverages.


Statistics & Studies: Numerous studies show that millennials are leaning towards unique, healthier, and more sophisticated drink options. That’s right; soda is out, and kombucha is in!


Cocktails: A Millennial Favorite

Nothing screams millennial like a well-crafted cocktail. You know, the ones with all the bells and whistles—fancy ice cubes, organic garnishes, the whole nine yards.


Signature Cocktails: These aren’t just drinks; they’re statements. Signature cocktails often have quirky names like “The Lazy Millennial” or ingredients that spark conversation.


DIY Cocktail Making: With the advent of the internet, DIY cocktail recipes are everywhere. It’s like everyone’s a mixologist now.


The Appeal: What’s so special about cocktails, you ask? It’s the versatility for one. Want something fruity? There’s a cocktail for that. Prefer a spicy kick? There’s a cocktail for that too. Plus, they’re Instagram-worthy!


The Craft Beer Revolution

You can’t talk about millennials and not mention craft beer. The surge in small, local breweries has a lot to do with this generation.


Variety & Uniqueness: Millennials love choices, and craft beers offer that in spades. From stouts to IPAs, the options are endless.


Community Aspect: Craft beer isn’t just a drink; it’s a community. Breweries often host events, and there’s a shared sense of belonging that comes with being a craft beer enthusiast.


Coffee Culture: Not Just a Drink, It’s a Lifestyle

Ah, coffee, the millennial nectar. But we’re not talking just any coffee. We’re talking about third-wave, artisanal, single-origin coffee, folks!


Third-Wave Coffee Shops: Millennials are willing to spend more on high-quality, ethically sourced coffee. They love the atmosphere of a cozy, aesthetically pleasing coffee shop.


Cold Brew & Other Trends: Move over, traditional coffee; cold brew is here. And don’t even get me started on the nitro coffee and the countless milk alternatives available!


Health-Conscious Choices

It’s not all caffeine and alcohol. Millennials are pretty health-conscious, and their drink choices reflect that.


Kombucha: This fermented tea has become a big hit for its health benefits.


Smoothies: You’ll often see millennials opting for a green smoothie or a protein shake, especially as a breakfast option.


Plant-Based Milks: Think almond, oat, and cashew milk. Dairy-free is the way to be for many millennials.


Wine: Making a Comeback

Wine isn’t just for older folks anymore. Millennials are bringing wine back in style, baby!


Wine Subscriptions: A wine subscription box? Sign me up! Millennials love the convenience and the chance to explore different types of wine.


Wine-Tasting Events: These aren’t your grandpa’s wine-tastings. Millennials are hitting up vineyards and wine bars like never before, often making it a social event.


The Shift Towards Non-Alcoholic Options

Don’t get it twisted; not all millennials are about that boozy life. There’s a growing trend towards non-alcoholic options.


Non-Alcoholic Beers: Brands are catching on and offering beers that provide the same taste without the hangover.


Mocktails: These give all the fun of a cocktail without the alcohol. Plus, they’re often just as intricate and Instagram Mable.



So there you have it! Millennials are sipping on everything from craft beers and exotic coffees to healthy smoothies and fine wines. They’re shaping the beverage industry in a way that no one saw coming. So the next time you’re out and about, maybe skip the soda and try something a little more…millennial.

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