what drinks do bartenders like to make?


Ever sat at a bar and marveled at how the bartender effortlessly mixes, shakes, and stirs various ingredients into a glass, creating a drink that looks too good to sip? It’s like watching an artist at work, but instead of paint and canvas, their medium is spirits and mixers. You might wonder, among all these drinks, which ones do bartenders actually enjoy making? Well, let’s shake things up and dive into this intoxicating topic. Buckle up because you’re about to become the most enlightened bar patron out there!


Why This Question Matters

Okay, so why should you care what bartenders like to make? Well, my friend, knowledge is power. Imagine walking into a bar and instead of ordering the usual, you ask the bartender for a drink they personally enjoy making. Trust me, this small gesture can go a long way.


Enhanced Experience: When bartenders make drinks they love, there’s an extra layer of passion, and that’s bound to show in the taste.

Building Rapport: This is a surefire way to build a good rapport with the person mixing your drinks.

Unlock Hidden Treasures: Bartenders often have secret recipes or drinks that aren’t even on the menu. Asking them what they like could unlock these hidden treasures.

So, there you go! The bartender’s choice might just be your new favorite drink.


The Classics: Always a Hit

You know the saying, “You can’t go wrong with the classics”? Well, it couldn’t be truer in the world of cocktails. These tried-and-true concoctions have stood the test of time, and bartenders love them for good reason.


Skill Showoff: Classics like the Old Fashioned or Martini allow bartenders to showcase their skills. A well-made Martini is often the hallmark of a good bartender.

Room for Twist: Although these drinks have set recipes, there’s always room for a bit of flair and personal touch.

Making a classic cocktail is akin to a chef cooking a traditional dish. The formula is standard, but the magic lies in the execution.


Signature Cocktails: A Bartender’s Canvas

Ever notice a “Bartender’s Choice” or “Signature Cocktail” section on the menu? This is where our booze artists really shine.


Unlimited Creativity: Signature cocktails are like a blank canvas. Bartenders can mix and match spirits, play with colors, and even add exotic ingredients.

Seasonal Flavors: Many bartenders create signature drinks based on the season, using fresh, seasonal ingredients to elevate the cocktail experience.

It’s a great exercise in creativity and a fantastic way to offer something unique to patrons. So next time you see a “Bartender’s Choice” on the menu, go for it!



So, are you pumped to try this out? Now that you’re armed with insider info, your next bar visit is gonna be anything but ordinary. Whether you go for the classics, try a signature creation, or venture into the unknown, you’ll do it with newfound respect and understanding for the bartenders who make your night a little more spirited. Until then, cheers to great drinks and the amazing folks who make them!

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